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How Do I Make A Payment
I’m Not Sure How Much I Can Afford
Who are Agilisys Revenue Collection?
Refund Policy
How Do I Make A Payment

You can pay securely on-line today or you can call us on 01706 403 102.

Please have your payment details to hand when making your payment.

I’m Not Sure How Much I Can Afford

Agilisys Revenue Collection can help you work out an affordable repayment plan that will suit your individual circumstances.

You can call us on 01706 403 102 to make us an affordable offer of payment. Alternatively you can talk to us about your financial commitments so that we can help you work out what you can afford.

If you feel you need help or advice with your current financial situation, we can direct you to a number of free, impartial debt and confidential debt advice agencies; please click here for more information.

Who are Agilisys Revenue Collection?

We are a debt collection agency based in the UK. We work on behalf of a number of organisations, helping them to contact customers and taxpayers to recover unpaid accounts.

Pay securely online today or alternatively
call us on  01706 403 102

Refund Policy

You will not normally be entitled to a refund of any payments made to Agilisys unless in exceptional circumstances. These exceptional circumstances include (but are not necessarily limited to):
·   Where there has been a payment processing error
·         Where you have inadvertently made an overpayment (where you have paid more than is due)
·         Where you have made a payment but are in dispute over the validity of the debt, and that dispute is subsequently upheld in your favour
·         Where you have made a payment but the debt is written off or cancelled by our client(s)
In order to request a refund you should call our team on 01706 403 102, or write to us or email, and describe the reasons why a refund should be payable.
Where refunds are issued, we shall issue the appropriate funds back to you using the same method as that which you used for payment (e.g. if you paid on your debit card, we will refund to your same debit card).